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STIX Spring Programs:

Judging by the success of the kids involved in the program from last year it is the place for spring and summer training for young aspiring hockey players. The passion and commitment of the Coaches and staff quickly rubs off on the kids. Whether the kids move on to play AAA, Jr. A, WHL, NCAA, and some may even play professionally, they would find no better advice and support than STIX Hockey Academy. We as a family have been involved with Jeff Ovens for about 7 years and I can say without a doubt that our boys would not be playing where they are without his support, advice, and enthusiasm.

– Don Hamilton, Father of Robert Hamilton (University of Vermont Catamounts, NCAA Division 1) and Connor Hamilton (Calgary Mustangs, AJHL), Daly Hamilton (Calgary NW Flames, Midget AAA)

STIX Hockey academy has been the single best hockey development program we have been exposed to. We have 2 boys, one currently playing Midget AAA and another playing Bantam 1. Both have worked with Jeff and his partners at STIX for the past 5 and 3 years respectively. Every season their best development period has come from their time in STIX camps and STIX spring programs. Jeff has created a culture of accountability, passion and discipline that is unmatched in most teams (and organizations for that matter). The sense of team, ownership and pride transfers into the development of each and every athlete. The quality of focussed individual development plans and utilization of technology (on ice video, team facebook pages, etc) creates a self selecting team culture of over achievement. If your athlete is serious about hockey development,  the only academy to consider is STIX Hockey Academy.

Christine and Darcy Hulston, Mother and Father of Levi Hulston (Calgary NW Flames, Midget AAA) and Ash Hulston (Springbank, Midget 3)

Jeff and his staff excel at identifying weaknesses in a player’s game that may prevent that player from getting to the higher levels. They work diligently with that player to focus on improving these specific weaknesses. My son has been in the STIX program for the past two years. When he started, the most glaring hole in his game was that he was not a physical player at all even though he had decent size. The first year, along with providing great skill development, Jeff had him focus on making a minimum of two hits every shift and nothing else. Jeff would review his progress with him constantly keeping him focused on this goal. I immediately saw an increase in his overall confidence, with him knowing he could play and compete in any type of game.  Today he plays a physical style of game with the Calgary Midget AAA Buffaloes, and this past summer signed a standard WHL contract with the Regina Pats after being passed over in the WHL Bantam draft. Many thanks go to Jeff and his STIX staff for showing my son the importance of focus, mental toughness and a commitment to achieving your goals!

– Randy Berg, Father of Adam Berg (Calgary Mustangs, AJHL)

My Son Aaron has be fortunate to have worked with Jeff Ovens since before the Alberta Jets and STIX Hockey Academy started. Jeff has been hands down the most important and influential person in Aaron’s hockey development. Having been a Coach and been involved in many aspects of hockey development, I can say with full confidence I have not met anyone that gets more out of each and every player, by positive and respectful teachings. Jeff really cares for every kid he works with and often checks up during the winter season by attending games and calling to keep the player focused and mindful of all they learn in the program. With the support and teaching of Jeff Ovens, Aaron played Midget AAA and Junior B last year starting as a 14 year old. Jeff and his incredible staff have continued to push Aaron to the point that he is playing at a higher level than we ever dreamed possible this soon. If you and your son are looking for the best, I mean best program out there, get involved with Jeff Ovens and STIX Hockey Academy. It was the best decision I ever made in Aaron’s hockey career and it will be the best decision you will ever make as well.

– Allen MacKay, Father of Aaron MacKay (CIH Academy, Midget AAA)

Our family has had the privilege of being involved with Jeff Ovens and his staff for the past 3 years. It starts with the highly competitive and focused spring hockey program, but extends to so much more in terms of constant mentoring and feedback from STIX. Our son Tyler has had to work hard for his hockey achievements, and with the help of STIX, was able to make the Prep (Midget AAA) Team at the Edge School this past season, and a key factor in this step was learning “to be a hockey player, not just playing hockey”. Jeff and his group have also worked with our daughter Emily, and the direct result was her ability to make GHC Bantam AAA in her first year of eligibility after spending the spring season with STIX, and refining not only her on-ice play, but the mental challenges of being an elite level goalie day in and day out. There is no doubt our kids are better hockey players, and better people, as a result of their time spent with STIX.

– Kyle Severson, Father of Tyler Severson (Edge School Midget AAA) and Emily Severson (Edge School, Prep)

In the 23 years combined that my boys have played hockey I can easily and honestly state this is the best money I have ever spent on hockey instruction/training. In fact, it is more than that. Jeff and his fellow coaches have also served as advisors, role models & “life” coaches. Not only are their credentials top-notch but so is the teaching, motivation and follow-up. Genuine interest & direction on a personal level is provided, backed-up by in-season tracking. Beware – Jeff likes a competitive environment, so be prepared to compete day-in-day-out. This program really is a 10 out of 10!

– Randy Billinghurst, Father of Chandler Billinghurst (Calgary Northstars Midget, AA)

In one word “awesome”. The commitment and enthusiasm that the Coaches have shown is second to none. They are committed to helping develop each and every player and take the time to know each player on a personal level. Our son’s skill, confidence and overall knowledge of the game has improved greatly since participating in STIX Hockey Academy.

– Joe Scalise, Father of Salvator Scalise (Fort McMurray Oil Barons, AJHL)

STIX Hockey Academy Summer Camps:

My son had one of the best weeks of skating he’s ever had. He and I both couldn’t wait to get there every night to see what else would be put out there for learning the game he loves. From your quick chats with the individual kids on the ice, to clapping for my son when he bit it hard into the net losing an edge, and the awesome drills that were new and refreshing to the kids, you guys showed you care about the kids, and the sport. My son is trying out for Bisons AA now and I keep reminding him of some of the things you guys tried to drive home to the kids. He came away with confidence that I have never seen in him, skating with more passion all due to your influence. You are all awesome at what you do; your passion for the sport of hockey and keeping that alive by instilling the values of hard work and determination in the kids in front of you was so refreshing. We will continue to be at your camps, where ever you are.

– Teresa Taylor

My son absolutely loved attending the STIX Hockey Academy. I was extremely impressed with the organization of the entire camp, the healthy homemade food and all the different activities they had the kids complete throughout the week. The coaches spent the extra time with my son to help him keep up with the rest of the group but yet treated him the same as the rest of the kids which I believe pushed him to exceed a lot quicker. Since attending this camp my 4 year old son scored his first goal at his very first hockey game this year! We will definitely be attending these camps from here on out and recommend them to everyone we know.

– Cassandra VanLoon

The STIX hockey camp was amazing. Our son didn’t have the best hockey camp experience last year at another camp and it took some coaxing to get him to go again. The video posted on the website helped us convince him that STIX Hockey Academy would be “fun”. Your camp did not disappoint. He had fun and his skating skills improved a lot in the course of the week. My son asked me to MAKE SURE he gets to go again next year. The enthusiasm all the staff had was remarkable. Thanks for everything; we will be back next year.

– Serena Rowland

I had 2 sons enrolled in the STIX Hockey Camp in Nanton this past August and they absolutely loved it.  Although their hockey season has already started, my youngest asked me last week when he gets to go to hockey camp again! The camp was really well organized, the instructors were fun and enthusiastic, and the on-ice and off-ice activities were awesome.

– Jenna Flitton

A pretty good gauge of the program being a success was when I picked up my boys everyday and all they did was talk nonstop all the way home. They had a fun time all week long.

– Kevin

Our boys had a great time. They were pretty tired by the end of the week; as usual STIX Hockey Academy created a positive environment where kids can work on their skills.

– Jayson Walmsley

Our son had such a wonderful experience this summer at the Black Diamond camp. STIX Hockey Academy has a winning combination that can’t be found anywhere else with the perfect size of participation, combined with the high level of instruction. Thank you for your patience and passion for the kids and the game.

– Dawn LeMaistre